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How They Work

How do they work?

by Mark Howe


We could talk about technical issues to try and convince you that our products are superior, that no one else uses our methods, but who really cares? I could tell you that our devices deal with Ball Scatter, rotor speed, ball speed, type of balls and that no other vendor has such technology, would you know if I was telling the truth? The facts are many other so called competitors have copied many of my features and designs, but have failed having a computer that can predict varied rotor speeds or level wheels  because they do not fully understand how complex the problem is, remember, I have had over 30 years experience developing these devices.

When you drive a car, do you know really how it works, or when using your computer, I doubt most people do, they want the car to get them from A to B and the computer to download music, write a document, store some business files, no one is bothered about the Nitty Gritty, as long as the product does its job!

What you want is a 100% Money Back Guarantee WITHOUT terms and Conditions over  certain time period.  you need to try the product yourself to see if it works and if it does not, get a refund! That’s why we simply sell using ESCROW and eBAY where your purchase is fully protected and guaranteed, even if I refused to give you a refund, you would still get an automatic refund as it is out of my control!

Don’t take sellers guarantees for granted with terms and conditions, make sure its covered with a regulatory body like eBAY or ESCROW!


Everyone knows We were the first to incorporate ball scatter logging  in 1983 on a PSION Series 1 ( over 30 years ago) where the computer saved the scatter of a particular ball on a certain type of wheel, fingerprinting the exact scatter so we can optimize where to place our bets. We were also the first to have genuine hidden hearing aids developed by ourselves, we were also the first to incorporate a single switch system that could navigate around the software  easily making them simple to use and apply.


Specific Information needed in order to use a Roulette computer successfully.

We need to gather some information, first the scatter of the ball as it falls off the wheel, is the wheel titled, where is it titled, we simple record the number of times the ball hits each of the 8 diamonds over say 60-80 spins and at the same time, we record the strike point and the offset(where the ball finishes up in relation to the strike point) Most wheels are tilted to some degree,level wheels are EXTREMELY RARE!

So we have something like this remember most casinos give you pens and cards to record your results.

diamonds (1-8)

1) 3 hits       2) 0 hits       3)0 hits    4) 0 hits     5) 3 hits      6)  5 hits    7) 9 hits      8)    5 hits

and the offsets

-Clockwise direction

hit number “0” first    finished up in 32  offset +1

hit number “21” first finished up in 16 offset +16


We then build a graph with the offsets to find the highest clump of hits, in the graph off our wheel, it is at +11(betting 2 neighbors either side)

Obviously we would not record it so it was so obvious to anyone looking over our shoulder, but this is the ground work to obtain a good edge in a casino. Once you have gathered your data,  analysed it, maybe at home, in the gents toilets, you can attack the wheel by taking timings from the DD point(Diamond 7 with the info above) and know the exact offset for optimum profitability +11 in the graph!



Ball Scatter Below of our roulette Video on the Home page


Above is the natural scatter of a ball after it hits the rotor, so if we can predict the strike point (Center of Graph), then after recording a sample spins, say 60-100, we can see that the biggest clump of hits is around +11. We then only need to predict the strike point!



No Wires, No loops, Elegant, simple, powerful , fits in the palm of the hand .!


Do not use mobile phones, some casinos can detect these very easily(Australia, Austria, Asia and some other European countries) Covert small device that contains everything inside it, operators switch, output , no radio transmissions , the predictions are made by relaying the numbers back to you using top of the range vibration motors called Haptic Drives.

We now use a method of vibration, no wires, no induction loops, which can give you the exact predicted area without you having to speak English to understand it! So for example number 31

31 = 3 vibrations, pause, 1 vibration

Zero = one long vibration

All you need now these days is a watch, pen or Gum Stick sized roulette Computer which is totally covert with no obvious wires like the one in the picture above!


The operator has a hidden in the ear ear piece that sits deep in the ear canal and hears the mobile phone or PDA worn on the waist via a hidden loop under your clothing and around your neck. The times are taken via a hidden switch that is hidden in your pocket or on your jacket cuff covertly and secretly out of the casino personals view. This is all operated by a single switch making the device very simple to use. We are the original inventor of the single switch system(1982), now copied by other developers.

Sequential timings are taken for setting up, and the operator has to take more sets of recalibration throughout play mode every 20-30 spins. This enables the computer to learn variants in deceleration also as other vendors believe that taking one set of timings is adequate for setting up a roulette computer which is not the case. Each set of timings s stored and used in later predictions so the computer learns the wheel. If this is not done you will get peak hopping if trying to form a graph to find the exact offset which other operators have a problem with.

We even invented the worlds smallest hearing aids for use with our roulette computers, but now the casinos can pick up induction signals and know you are using them instantly, so we no longer use Hearing aids.



Video instructions ( to Practice along with showing computer beating full sized roulette wheel)

Also here is a good example playing a semi tilted wheel for you to download including setup and play mode which is the most common conditions you will find in a casino. Do not be fooled by people presenting videos where it apparently seems like their computer works extremely well, they are choosing the best cut of footage and have methodically setup everything to impress you to take your money and scam you.

Remember, no eBay or Escrow 100%Payment protection that is out of the sellers hands, then do not take their 100% guarantee for granted!. We use Escrow and eBay!  We on the other show exactly what to expect setting up and what can go wrong. Basically the truth. We show calibration THROUGH OUT and show Raw results using a computer. We also show our devices working on Various rotor speeds, something other vendors do not do because their devices are a scam.




The computer predicts the exact number or can predict relatively close to the predicted sector on the wheel. This is done in as matter of seconds and you can have a prediction well before the Croupier calls ‘ no more bets’. usually less than 3 seconds. .!

The system can be linked to more players and operators with second player transmitter kits so that the bettor can be rotated or changed to throw the casino off te scent of team operators.

There is a little more work involved from the operator, like wheel evaluation, you must first know if the wheel is tilted or level or in between. This can take around 15 to 20 minutes to set up.

Our Old technology, transmitter pens, now the whole computer can be supplied in a pen!


Copyright 2015 onwards

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