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History Of Roulette Computers

Recent developments in the last 5 years. 

Worlds First tooth Roulette Computermouthcomputer



HERE IS A HISTORY Of Roulette Computers we have developed through the last 30 years..

1986 We introduced Vibrators for indicating where to place your bets upgrading to using 64K DATAPAKS.



History Of Roulette Computers


History Of Roulette Computers In the making.

Our Old technology above, PDAs, Mobile phones and hearing aids can no longer be used in casinos since 03/12/12 These Psion computers were fantastic for their time, full Dedicated Free Running Clock for timing applications. You could write, translate a program right on the machine, no need for a PC!

1996 Use of IPAQ PDAs, well suited like the Psion ofr beating roulette, but the messy loops and switch leads makes them obsolete to use these days just like the Psion PDA and Mobile Phone!

1997 We make our own Hearing aids that became the smallest in the world for use with our roulette computers until the Chinese started copying them!

see http://coverthearing.com for more information.


2003 – History of Roulette Computers takes a new direction first Mobile phone app for beating roulette although Mobile phones are probably the worse thing for taking accurate timings for beating roulette. We had a workable program, but hidden priority tasks would mess up the timings without us knowing , Avoid mobile phone systems they are totally unworkable and unreliable.

Our Mobile phone computer with transmitter pen, this Nokia6111 could fit into a cigarette packet!


2011 Radical Second generation bespoke microcomputer with hearing aid and switched lead. Now the History Of Roulette Computers Really takes a technological advancement!

Our Old Radical above with its hearing aid when induction hearing aids could not be detected! Now you can no longer use hearing aids or loops!

Anyone from any walk of life can easily know how to beat roulette using roulette computers, no special skills are required, just reasonable eyesight and hand eye co- ordination.

2012-2013 Covert Radical Flexi created as the casinos now know how to scan for PDAs, Mobile phones, Loops and Switched Leads with the walk through detectors fitted in most casinos throughout the world.

The Kit


RADICAL FLEXI Roulette Computer 50% Deposit £500  The remaining 50% to be  paid once you are satisfied it works.
Mouth Computer Radical Flexi Deposit 50% Deposit £1000 The remaining 50% to be  paid once you are satisfied it works.
All the complexities have been taken away and hidden in the software making our devices the most practical and simplest to use on the market.
Fits in palm of hand and out of sight of casino staff. ( We also do mouth computers)
No Hours and hours of frustration trying to set it up, takes only minutes
No Books or 300 page operating manual to read
You Do not need to understand English (video showing how to use it)
No Hearing Aids
No Induction loops or amplified loops( These can now be detected in most casinos)
No Mobile Phone (  worse device you could take in a casino as they are banned)
No Millions of Features to set up that makes a Roulette computer un-practical.
No silly graphs to build up
Practice on any roulette footage and use on any type of roulette wheel
20012 RADICAL FLEXI X released which is even more powerful than the Radical Flexi.
We shrunk it down as well making it the WORLDS SMALLEST ROULETTE COMPUTER and fitted it into a Gold Crown for one customer. WE do a standard off the shelve unit which fits into the mouth and it operated by the teeth and the vibration is fed through the teeth, jaw bone directly into the auditory canal. Cost £2000



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