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Hybrid Roulette Computers

Hybrid Roulette Computer

by Mark Howe

Using Cameras to automatically take timings for you instead of manually pressing a switch, any advantage?

Here you can see the blue windows that take timings

of the ball and rotor automatically when it sees the

color Green(ZERO) or White ( Ball). This technology

developed by Siemens for Robotic Car production.


We developed a robotic roulette computer that could take timings automatically in 1995, all you needed to do was to point a camera at a wheel and the device could take ball and rotor timings , learn and master scatter, know which Diamond was dominant and even play Level wheels!

It sounds amazing and you would think with military precision of a computer taking the timings using Data Acquisition Techniques would be the ultimate in Roulette computers.  ( This is where the computer can read the position of the ball and rotor and take timings automatically direct from the video footage whist the game is in play).


The types of cameras used are large clumsy devices and a extremely powerful computer is needed to perform the calculations, add to the fact the no casinos are going to allow you to point a camera at their wheels whilst you win money and they they are so difficult to hide, means its impractical to use in a real casino environment. Even relaying video footage back to an operative in a van would be deemed overkill.

The other main issue is the system cannot predict and adjust if debris is on the ball or track which often happens in real casino conditions. You can hear the ball rattle if this happens, so you avoid playing, but depending on a visual automatic system would mean you would start losing at this point or automatically inputting incorrect data as the ball would be falling short every spin ! At some point, the ball or track loses the debris or dirt and the spins start to behave in a natural manner again. Humanly this can be adjusted far and observed immediately, can the auto data acquisition account for this that quickly?


No advantage is gained whatsoever compared to conventional methods of manual timing.  Even with all this technology, it cannot predict the exact  scatter on an individual spin, or where the ball will land with 100% certainty, it can only predict the strike point and the average offset just like a manually operated Roulette computer. Costs of over £5000 for just the basic hardware means its overkill and unnecessary  when we compared this technology to Evolution roulette Computer which will obtained nearly the exact same results, The Evolution Wrist Watch  is only £750 deposit fully 100% refundable and guaranteed, fits in a watch and is loaded with the software to predict immediately.


If a device that costs £5000 has no advantage over a device that can cost from £500, then its obvious that you should go with the £500 device!, The Evolution 10V (vibrate)wins hands down(only £300 when we do our special offer and promotions). If the edge that can be obtained using Data Acquisition software is no better. What’s the point paying out 15 times more money for something that basically predicts exactly the same edge? you should avoid anyone trying to sell you such technology, its going to be massively overpriced and you will gain nothing over conventional computers.



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