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Laszlo Kovacs Magic Shoes

Laszlo Kovacs’ the magic shoemaker created a roulette computer that could be operated purely through his shoe, later some device were sold as Kits in a plastic housing which we have as part of the worlds largest collection of roulette computers. The Hungarian gambler was arrested in Australia after winning almost $200,000 dollars from the same wheel in the same venue over a long period of time! You have to ask yourself if the casino operatives are as bright as they claim, yet another large win right under their noses. Kovacs used the shoe-based computer, connected wirelessly to an earpiece, to cheat at roulette. Apparently, by tapping his foot under the roulette table to operate the switch. Kovacs was able to get a reading on the wheel’s speed and use that data to calculate what number would come up next. Authorities estimate that Kovacs won about $200,000, tapping his way from casino to casino. This technology is legal in most places in the world and can be rented form certain vendors with a very small initial payment upfront. Click on the video to show you his cars which he always paints red, his computer kit in a box and his Porsche. Someone stole his wheels of the Porsche in the pic, but they were returned because everyone knew they were from his car!  I will also add his Australian Court papers were they summons up to court, allow him to leave with a small proportion of the cash, but then refused him entry back into the country to stand trial as he had a pending conviction against him, what happened to the rest of his winnings?

Here is some pictures below of his cars, roulette computer and his warehouse!



 I went to visit Lazlo Kovacs in  Hungry many years ago after he came to the UK to see me. All his cars were painted with Red Oxide paint and he lived in a warehouse that had everything you could possibly need!




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