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Visual Ballistics -An Edge Without a computer!

Visual Ballistics

by Mark Howe


We will soon be releasing our Visual Ballistics system which can be applied to beating roulette without the use of any electronic device. This is like nothing else you have seen before and can be applied to level wheels too. These are secrets that I have closely guarded for over 20 years as in the hands of a Pro can gain you a substantial advantage in casinos where electronic predictive devices are banned. We are currently working on the Presentation and Manual and once completed will demonstrate on full sized wheels what is actually possible. Conditions are not as easy as they once was for visual Ballistics, but its a way of obtaining an edge or knowing if one can be obtained before you decide to play with real money in any casino establishment.. Such information is invaluable for the Punter wishing to know if an advantage can be gained swiftly and effectively. some of these techniques can be applied to online casinos.

Legal Confidentiality Agreements must be signed prior to Purchase

Cost £10,000

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